Occupational Health & Safety Program

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It is the policy of Kelowna Evolution Mechanical (EML) and 1096620 BC Ltd. dba AB MECH (ABM) to ensure systems, policies and procedures are in place to create a safe work environment for employees. It is the responsibility of the employee to understand the below information. Please read through the below documents and familiarize yourself with how to find information for future reference.

DISCLAIMER: By completing this course, you confirm and acknowledge that you have read and understand all the Policies & Procedures, and information pertaining to the Occupational Health and Safety Program for EML and ABM.

Course Instructions:

Step 1: Click on each heading to open that section of the lesson.

Step 2: Click the “Materials” Tab to review the relevant section of the OH&S Policy. It may be helpful to download PDF so you can refer to it during quiz.

Step 3: Once you have read all the materials in that section, complete the quiz. You must get 100% to pass. The quiz will scramble but you have unlimited attempts.

Step 4: Once you finish the quiz, click the “back to course” button in the top left corner to return to content. At this point you can move on or retake the quiz.

Step 5: Complete all sections of the lesson. With the exception of the Plumber and Sheet Metal sections, you only have to do the section that is relevant to your roll.

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